Whois Privacy Protection with Hostit4less

As per ICANN regulations, your current WHOIS information needs to be publicly available and 100% legitimate. This means that you will need to place your personal or enterprise information online and allow it to be accessible to everyone to find. With the WHOIS Privacy Protection solution available at Hostit4less, you’ll be able to obscure all your details by using our details as an alternative.
A great advantage is that all of the domain–related e–mails (transfer requests, EPP codes, etc.) are going to continue to go through, whereas not needed emails will be filtered out.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

We are unable to supply Whois Privacy Protection for all the domain names. This is a constraint added by the entity in control of managing the every particular TLD at the highest level. This is the reason solely several domain names are Whois Privacy Protection–eligible:
The supported TLDs are: .com, .net, .org, .we.bs, .info, .biz, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv & .cc.

SSL Certificates

Buy SSL certificates straight from your CP

In case you run an e–shop, which accepts credit card payments, it is mandatory that you offer your web site visitors a reliable payment info submission section. And this is precisely where SSL certificates can come in real handy – they encode the connection between your site and the customer. Usually, you have to go to a third–party provider to obtain an SSL certificate. That isn’t the situation with Hostit4less.

With us, you will be able to enable a conventional SSL certificate or even a wildcard SSL certificate directly through your Control Panel.

SSL Certificates

24/7 Support Service

Hostit4less’s technical support team is here now to help you 24 / 7

A 24/7 technical support service is included in our domain management plan. Our tech support engineers are eager to assist you with any problem that you may have registering, transferring or administering your domains. For example, if you want to modify the name servers for your domain name, but don’t know how to achieve that, simply tell us and we will give you a helping hand.

You can contact our customer service technicians via email or through the ticketing system. You can also use the telephone or the live chat service during working hours. We offer a sixty–minute support ticket response guarantee.

24/7 Support Service

Domain Redirection

Domain name redirection created simple and easy

If you need to point your domain to a different web site or a sub–domain to a particular section of your web site, we have the ideal solution for your needs. You will no longer need to make use of URL forwarding approaches – you can carry out these tasks through our handy domain forwarding tool.

All you have to do to forward your domain is specify where it will lead. Our clever tool will do the rest and your domain name will start to point to the desired location momentarily.

Domain Redirection

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