Working with our Website Optimization Tools, you can quickly work on your site’s worldwide recognition from your Online Control Panel. Through the Sitemap Generator you can get an in–depth sitemap for your web site in minutes. You could submit the sitemap to major search engines to ensure that they could scan your web site in a timely manner. Furthermore, by way of the RSS News publishing instrument, you can easily mount consistently kept up to date publications on your website, which is a promise for higher ranking positions with the search engines. Hostit4less’s GeoIP redirection application will help you to direct customers coming from a specific country towards a specified language variation of your website for more accurate marketing outcomes.

A Sitemap Generator

A sitemap tool bundled into your Online Control Panel

If you have just brought out your website and need it to get scanned faster from the the search engines, or if you need to offer your visitors a simple way to navigate through all of your pages, you’ll need to use a sitemap. Sitemap is known as a a set of all the pages on your website that have been hyperlinked to. Commonly, you need to rely on 3rd party tools to complete the job, however, with Hostit4less, you can get a Sitemap Generator incorporated directly into the Online Control Panel.

The Sitemap Generator we provide you with is very easy to use and because it is completely compatible with the cloud Linux shared website hosting packages platform – your web site is going to be scanned quickly.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Simple location–based redirection

Our company offers a simple and easy application, which will help you narrow the visitors of your website based upon their country. For example, using the GeoIP redirection instrument, you can quickly direct all the visitors from Spain towards the Spanish version of your site if you have such. This enables you to target your visitors much more accurately and offer them with the online stay they expect to have.

No particular abilities or tech expertise are required to work with the GeoIP redirection application, and you no longer have to use .htaccess files to do the job.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Present the most recent news on your site

In the Hostit4less Online Control Panel, we have incorporated a tool, which lets you add news from the most preferred news outlets on the planet in your sites, with just a click. Our News tool functions on auto–pilot and doesn’t need any additional setup work on your end,

The RSS News Publication component is simple to customize in terms of HTML and CSS. You can customize the actual number of information items that will be displayed, the way they will look like, precisely how they will be ordered, and so on.

RSS News